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It’s likely that you don’t know much about Itachi Uchiha unless you’re a fan of Naruto. The character however is pretty awesome if you just read about him or watch the show. His capabilities and powers are simply amazing and his part in his own story is so tragic that it seems almost Shakespearean in nature. Itachi is kind of a complicated soul that wants nothing but to be Hokage, though this is a secret desire that few if any really know. He believes in the workings of good though he doesn’t quite follow them as much as one might think given his ideals. As a person that would rather not start conflict he is very good at ending it quickly and will likely be the one standing at the end. As characters go he’s the kind of villain that you would almost want to root for despite the fact that he does is quite heinous.

Here are a few things you might not know about him.

10. He murdered his entire clan except for his younger brother.

Itachi didn’t have much of a choice, though he did what he did to save his brother even it meant condemning the rest of his clan. His mother and father were even proud of him for doing so since he was fulfilling a destiny that they’d wanted for him.

9. He was initially a pacifist.

To be honest he was as much of a pacifist as he could be throughout his existence but that never seemed to be an ideal he could hold up to since too many people wanted war and far too many wanted to test his mettle. Being a trained warrior is not the best position to have if you don’t want to fight

8. He graduated from the Academy after his first year.

Itachi was something of a prodigy and was very quick in his style of learning. He didn’t waste any time when it came to acquiring new skills or learning the history of the world as he put everything he had into it. This left little if any time for anything else but it afforded him the chance to learn what he needed at a young age.

7. By the age of 8 he’d mastered ninjutsu.

He was held back just enough to keep from completing his final tests but his style and his results were enough to push him forward and make him a valued asset to his master. The kind of skill and dedication he possessed were second to none since he continually pushed himself to the limits before breaking them and moving on.

6. He betrayed his own clan.

When he discovered that his clan was plotting and planning to overthrow their rulers he reported this back to his master and in so doing earned the enmity of his clan. Itachi had a lot of loyalty but it was to his brother more than anyone else.

5. He was far more mature than any other his age.

When first-year students were learning the most basic lessons Itachi was breezing by them in terms of skill and knowledge as he absorbed everything he took in with an ability that was unrivaled and got him noticed more than once.

4. He could summon crows.

It’s not just that he could summon them, it’s the fact that he could also coerce them into swarming his enemies and even creating copies of himself using their feathered bodies all clumped together. Thanks to this his stealth and assassination skills improved greatly.

3. He was highly intelligent.

Fighting Itachi was not a wise move since he was skilled, intelligent, deadly, and could end a fight without really trying. His skill level was so great that simply entering a fight he already knew how he was going to win and what each move would look like before it landed. His skill set was simply too varied and too strong for any enemy to beat him easily, if they could beat him at all.

2. He didn’t like to fight.

Keep in mind he was a pacifist. He didn’t like to fight but he certainly would and was adept at ending fights quickly mostly because he wasn’t emotionally involved in them. The less involved a person is in a fight the more quickly they will try to end it. The bad thing for Itachi’s unfortunate opponents was that because of this they stood no chance because their own emotions would get the best of them.

1. He respected Naruto greatly.

Itachi respected and trusted in Naruto throughout the series and in fact it would seem that Naruto was one of those few that Itachi truly liked.

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