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Itachi T-Shirts – Sasuke and Itachi T-Shirt TP0611 [ID29579]




Sasuke and Itachi have been among the hottest characters in Naruto and they’re additionally two of probably the most hilarious characters. You can also present your love for these characters with official t-shirts from Itachi T-Shirts!
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Extra particulars about Itachi T-Shirts – Sasuke and Itachi T-Shirt TP0611 Itachi T-Shirts
This Itachi T-Shirt is ideal for the Sasuke fan! The Sasuke shirt contains a distressed print of Itachi along with his Akatsuki cloak. Sadly, it looks as if Sasuke’s shirt has gone lacking and he’s sporting an Uchiha Striped Shirt on this image.
Sasuke Vs Itachi – Ultimate Battle, anime ‘Naruto’
Entrance:兄弟 (brothers)