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Itachi Pillows – Sasuke and Itachi Pillow TP0311 [ID31412]




Itachi Pillows was created by the identical staff of makers who introduced you Itachi’s Sharingan Throw Pillow. Itachi is a well known character within the Naruto sequence in addition to one of the crucial mysterious and darkish characters. Get your fingers on this restricted version, hand-made pillow that includes Sasuke’s rival and Itachi’s highly effective sharingan eye!
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Extra particulars about Itachi Pillows – Sasuke and Itachi Pillow TP0311 Itachi Pillows
Itachi Pillows – Sasuke and Itachi Pillow TP0311. These pillows are an incredible addition to the Itachi Store, accessible in Itachi store bulk purchase. The design of those pillows characteristic the top of Sasuke Uchiha and the face of his brother, Itachi Uchiha.
Sasuke Vs Itachi – Ultimate Battle, anime ‘Naruto’
Entrance:兄弟 (brothers)