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Itachi Pillows – Itachi Uchiha Pillow TP0311 [ID31267]




Itachi Pillows is the latest in a collection of pillows created by Uchiha, an artist who drew Naruto and Sasuke’s father, Itachi. The pillow depicts the face of Itachi evenly resting on his again along with his arm lacking, which is a nod to when he dies within the manga.
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Extra particulars about Itachi Pillows – Itachi Uchiha Pillow TP0311 Itachi Pillows
Meet your new Itachi Pillow! The Itachi Uchiha Pillow is the right addition to your house or workplace. Showcase your sense of favor with the Uchiha head design, which will provide you with a pleasant feel and look.
Unimaginable Itachi, anime ‘Naruto’