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Itachi Mugs – Itachi Uchiha Mug TP0311


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Akatsuki Mug Cafe and Tea Room is a place that specializes in creating anime-inspired mug art. One of the most popular styles is Uchiha Itachi, who’s known to be one of the most mysterious characters in Naruto. Order your custom made Itachi Mug today!
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The Uchiha Mug is a coffee mug for all those who are fans of Itachi. This mug has the image of Itachi from the series Naruto on one side and the image of his brother Sasuke from Itachi Mugs on the other side. The inside of this coffee mug is white, with colorful sleeves that make it even more special.
Itachi, anime ‘Naruto’
Front: うちは イタチ (Itachi Uchiha)