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Itachi Action Figures – Naruto figure Itachi Akatsuki IS0601 [ID35145]




Itachi Uchiha is a really mysterious character from the Naruto manga. He’s a rank s felony who slaughtered his personal clan and household. He’s stated to be a real genius and have become captain of the Anbu on the age of 13. Itachi would later be part of the Akatsuki felony group after his crime to protect it from the within to guard Konoha. In case you’re searching for a determine of Itachi Uchiha within the Akatsuki then this distinctive Naruto determine is for you!

  • Excessive-end motion determine : distinctive and restricted design
  • Perfect to finish your Naruto motion determine assortment
  • Determine Itachi Uchiha (26 cm)